County Commissioners are tasked with solving the problems of our larger County.

My job is to solve problems:
I believe the primary issue holding Cumberland County back is our lack of commitment to infrastructure development. Focusing our attention on the expansion of public utilities throughout the county will address the problems that impact all of us.

People come to me daily for help with their problems. The courthouse tends to be where all of those problems come together. People come into my office, and they need a fighter, they need a voice.I am running so that I can be a Voice for the Voiceless.

There are three main problems that I deal with in my office: a lack of education, a lack of jobs, and a lack of housing. I work with individuals to solve these problems. I want to be in a position where I can address these issues head-on, rather than helping to clean up the aftermath. All of these problems can be addressed by increasing access to public utilities.

Healthy Schools
We cannot expect our students to thrive if they are not provided with proper facilities to learn. Every child should expect to have access to a safe and healthy learning environment where their talents can be developed and their true potential is unleashed. When we have public schools with no drinking water, it is no surprise to find that Cumberland County has more private schools than any other county in the State. Our priority needs to be our students.

Healthy Commercial Development
We cannot expect to see Commercial Development if we cannot provide steady access to public utilities. When we add obstructionist development policies to the mix, we are only hindering the ability of our communities to see healthy economic growth.

Residential Development
Cumberland County is in the early stages of a significant housing crisis, with limited inventory for those purchasing homes, and dramatic increases in leasing rates due to housing shortages. Policies focused on residential housing development and infrastructure improvements are necessary to see sustainable growth here in Cumberland. The backbone of residential development is access to public utilities.

County Commissioners need to be proven problem-solvers to address the issues in our County. I will be a voice for those who have been overlooked and ignored.

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