About Jonathan C. Strange
I was born in South Louisiana, the son of a Preacher and Registered Nurse.  As the middle child of three, I was frequently called upon to resolve disputes between my brothers. From an early age, we were taught that we had been blessed with certain gifts, and we were to use those gifts for God’s service. I was also taught that every individual, no matter the circumstances they found themselves in, was deserving of respect, compassion, and kindness.

I began my practice in the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, where I primarily prosecuted matters in District Court, including misdemeanors, DWIs, and Domestic Violence.  After leaving the District Attorney’s office, I transitioned into criminal defense, where I have represented people on matters ranging from simple traffic citations to first-degree murder. 

After several years in defense practice, I began to transition my practice toward civil litigation.  I saw there was a gap in legal services in the community, and began to seek ways to meet the legal needs of people in Civil District Court.  As my civil practice expanded, my representation spread from civil matters in Small Claims, to complex insurance litigation in the Superior Courts.  Currently, I serve as a District Court Arbitrator in Cumberland County, resolving disputes in matters up to $25,000.

One aspect of my civil practice that has grown rapidly is the defense of housing rights in Cumberland County.  I started that work as a favor to a friend, but I quickly realized that this area was underserved in our community.  As the need for legal representation grew, I expanded my practice in that direction in response to the needs of our people.  It is incredibly important that the law and the constitution be followed, and we need judges with experience beyond the criminal courtroom to make sure that our most important needs are protected in the courts.

My wife Monica is a Certified Paralegal, and she works alongside me in my practice. Our oldest daughter Kaila has a degree in Social Work from Appalachian State University and our daughter Sam is a senior at Massey Hill Classical High School.  We have two rescue animals: our dog Finn, and our cat, Honcho.  We live in the Gray’s Creek Community.